Rug Re-Fringing & Binding


Antique and oriental rugs over time have worn fringers can lead damange to the end of borders.

To keep the ends of the rugs from fraying and unraveling our skilled workers can repair and re-fringe your rug either by putting new fringe yarns in replacement of the missing area or we add artificial fringers by hand. We match original fringers as closely as possible. We recommend binding if the sides of the rug are worn out.

The above process will prevent the edges of your rug from unraveling and protects againts wear. Fringing and binding will increase the durability and value of your rug.

We provide FREE pick-up and return delivery with installation available. Ten day service applies if rug(s) are received by Monday. Contact us today to receive a Free estimate and schedule a pick-up of your rug.